Himalaya Trekking in Bhutan

Bumthang Cultural Trek 12 nights 13 days

bhumthangThis trek is very gentle and easy, but lets you enjoy high passes and snow-covered mountains. It goes through the village of Ngang Lhankhang to the Ugyen Chholing Palace, the home of the descendents of Bhutan’s royal families. The trek features forest, bamboo marsh, fields and the Phe-Phe la mountain pass at 3200m. Read More

Chomolhari Trek 14 nights 15 days

ChomolhariThis trek gifts you with great variety of Bhutanese landscapes and is without doubt one of the most beautiful and unspoiled trekking areas in the entire Himalayas. The trek begins at Drugyal dzong passing through beautiful villages, scattered hamlets and farmland. You find different vegetation from richly forested valley to high alpine pastureland where Yak herders graze their animals. Trout fishing in the sky blue lake with magnificent view of three majestic peaks is some activities which can be done on a rest day. You will also encounter rare species like the blue sheep & snow leopard. Read More

Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek 11 nights 12 days

dagala-thousand-lakes-trek-In this trek near Thimpu, the climb is not difficult, although there are some longer, steep sections as you ascend to 3400m above sea level. The trek takes you to a number of beautiful, high-altitude lakes; with clear weather, you will also enjoy wonderful views. Read More

Druk Path Trek 9 nights 10 days

druk-path-trek-bhutan1This short, but scenic trek rewards the hiker with picturesque views of mountain ranges. We reach an altitude as high as other treks, making it moderately strenuous, with maximum daily hikes of 6 hours per day. The trek features dzongs, lakes and a gradual climb along the ridge for panoramic views in clear weather. Read More

Dur Hot Spring Trek

dur-hot-spring-trekThis trek follows the old expedition route to the Gangkhar Puensum. The trek is rigorous, but the rewards can be worth the walk. It includes a stop at natural hot springs, a relaxing treatment for body aches. As part of this trek, hikers have the option to go to the Gangkhar Peunsum base camp. All should be in very good physical condition to complete this demanding portion of the route. Read More

Laya Gasa Trek 21 nights 22 days

LayaThis is one of the treks that will always rank as one of Bhutan's finest treks. The route offers fantastic mountain views at close range including Mt. Gangchey Ta (tiger mountain), mother of the female river flowing through Punakha valley. This offers diverse flora and fauna, including a good opportunity to spot Blue Sheep, Takins and the Blue Poppy (Bhutan's national flower). Numerous isolated dzongs and scattered settlements including the outlandish village of Laya, a unique culture of its own provide a great deal of cultural interest. Though remote, the Laya region is known for its hospitality and your time here will be delightful. The trek will end with a dip at the Gasa Tshachu (hot spring) relaxing every bone in your body, and the memories of the special trek will stay with you for a lifetime. Read More

Samtegang Trek 9 nights 10 days

SamtegangThis is a low altitude trek, which starts from Punakha and ends at the bridge, Teki Zampa, approximately 11 kilometers from Wangdue. It is usually performed in winter as this region of Bhutan is in a temperate, sub-tropical zone. The route features villages, stream crossings, rivers and oaks. Read More

Wild East Rodungla Trek 19 nights 20 days

wild-east-rodunglaThis trek goes through the most remote part of Bhutan – across the top of eastern Bhutan. It is challenging and involves a very long and steep descent. Rodang La was an important trade route that connected the eastern and western regions of the country before a national highway was built in the 1960s. Highlights also include remote villages and ancient dzongs. Read More