Trek security

Our top priority is the safety and security of our clients and staff during all our trips. All our guides and other trip crew members are carefully chosen for your trips, our leaders holding license granted by Nepal Government are all thoroughly trained and highly experienced in leading groups through the Himalayas. They are absolutely honest who you can trust your life with ; they fully ensure that you donít have any feeling of insecurity throughout your trip.

Our trekking crews holds special training in first aid and in crisis management as well. In the rare case of an incident occurring on the trek they can organize a rapid medical evacuation. We carry first aid kits on all of our trips, which is readily available for both customers and staff. We are constantly in communication with our field office and monitor all aspects of government and weather issues that might affect your trip. Also, we are always available on 24 hours emergency phone line.

During remote treks, where the nearest village might be a very long walk, our staff carries a satellite phone for communication and in case of emergency helicopter rescue is available. While you are on Camping trekking please do not leave your bags unattended at any time for your own safety. Take your main bag inside the tent once they reach campsite. At night, put all bags and belongings in the middle of the tent. Your guide assigns a Sherpa on turn wise basis to guard the campsite throughout the night.
Some of the safety rules we suggest you to abide by are:

  • do not trek alone
  • do not make a display of wealth
  • keep belongings secure and within sight
  • Make arrangements for handling emergency situations before hand.
  • Register personal information and trekking details with respective embassies.
  • Buy a traveler comprehensive insurance policy that covers helicopter rescue cost. Leave a copy of details with us in Kathmandu